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At Regis Jesuit in Aurora, CO, we are in our second year of full, mandatory adoption of Canvas as our LMS.  In this time, we have grown in our average user's adoption of Canvas, and we want to continue to nourish this growth as a community (early adopters/techies are easy, those averse to ed tech?).  To foster this, we have created a proficiency scale and would love for the community to add/edit and share your insight.  We want to use it, and you are more than welcome to as well, for:


1. Observations

2. Organize training

3. Essentially, help boost your faculty's appreciation and imagination for what Canvas can do.


The document, in it's form right now, is limited to our use at Regis Jesuit. We would love to enhance our appreciate of what Canvas can do as well!


Here is a short video introducing the document:


Here is a link to the document in the Jive community forum: Canvas Use Proficiency Scale

Here is a link to it as a GoogleSheet: Canvas Use Proficiency Scale - Google Sheets



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