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Canvas Community what a gold mine! It's so nice to know that we are lucky enough to have access to all sorts of information, tips 'n tricks, and real live people to chat to about all sorts - sharing ideas, problem solving, making connections across the world, and having a good old laugh.


Once a newbie to the Canvas Community has got their bearings they can join groups, read blogs, participate in discussions, and ask questions  etc. I've only recently discovered how to access what's new in the Community. Do people know how to access the Canvas 'News'? It took me a little while to discover this gem. Gideon made an excellent point in a discussion following Questions about ePortfolios.


So here are some hastily cobbled together instructions to change your preferences to gain access to what's new in questions, discussions, blogs...

Click on your profile picture then click on 'preferences'

Then make a decision about where you want to land when you click the Canvas icon

Then when you log in to the Canvas Community you have this banner

Click the Canvas icon to access your preference. I've set mine to 'News'. It's not there to look pretty!


Enjoy all of the recent goodies.

Bobby Pedersen

Ready, steady, Canvas!

Posted by Bobby Pedersen Champion Apr 12, 2018

I love working with teachers as they learn how to use Canvas. Hearing their relief as they realise it's easier than our previous LMS and listening to ideas floating around the room of different ways it could be used makes my job so much fun. 


Sometimes though there is a sense of people being overwhelmed. That's natural. I really feel for them, and can remember so well that sensation when trying to get my head around new technologies.


When teachers leave training sessions with a purpose in mind then it's comforting to know they are on track. But when they leave knowing the basics of putting pages and modules together but without a real purpose in mind it's demoralising for everyone.


Ideally I'd love to be able to have everyone leave with at least one idea they can 'use tomorrow'. eg. announcements, discussions, quizzes. What ideas/challenges do other trainers have up their sleeves for teachers to action the next day? K-12 Priority Services K12 do you have some nifty ideas to share? 


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