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Jackie Myers

Canvas + Nearpod

Posted by Jackie Myers Employee May 28, 2019

Beginning in June there will be a new webinar launching that focuses on the integration of the interactive platform called Nearpod in Canvas. Canvas + Nearpod is a session devoted to learning how Nearpod integrates with Canvas using embedded materials as well as the LTI integration. During the webinar we will outline the steps to connecting your Nearpod account, embedding Nearpod content in a course, creating Nearpod Assignments, and tracking student progress.


Check out the webinar calendar to sign up for upcoming sessions!


Want to learn more about our Strategic Partnership with Nearpod?


canvas for teachers


learning interactions

You can probably tell, I like a series. Here is the Cool Things Series that includes some basic and not-so-basic uses for some of the great Canvas features. I've included these features so far:

  • Assignments
  • Grade book
  • Modules
  • Calendar
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions

I'll add a few more as I think of them. I put these in my newsletter for teachers on my high school campuses. Hoping to win more over to use Canvas to help their students! 

Cool Things You Can Do with Assignments

Cool Things You Can Do with the Grade Book

Cool Things You Can Do with Modules

Cool Things You Can Do with the Calendar

Cool Things You Can Do with Quizzes

Cool Things You Can Do with Discussions


Please let me know if you see mistakes or have anything to add! 

To complete the Essentials Series, I came up with two Phases for some Advanced tools instructors can use in their courses. I'm sure there are some other interesting Advanced tools out there I haven't thought of so I'd love to hear from some of you. I can compile them (giving you credit!) into a Phase 3. 


In these you'll find links on how to:

  1. Use Conferences
  2. Use an iFrame to Embed Sites
  3. Use Thinglinks for a Cool Homepage
  4. Use the Style Guide
  5. Try Mastery Paths
  6. Use the Redirect App
  7. Add a FlipGrid Assignment
  8. Use PowToon
  9. Mass Delete Calendar Events
  10. Use Quiz Statistics
  11. Weight Assignments
  12. Add Your Own Apps
  13. Export Grades
  14. Use Peer Review Discussions
  15. Print a Quiz
  16. Add Sound to Pages


I've attached interactive PDF versions as well as the links to the infographics. Feel free to use and share! 

Power Up Your Canvas Course Advanced Essentials: Phase 1

Power Up Your Canvas Course Advanced Essentials: Phase 2

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us during the Canvas Live event.  Linked here is the recording from the session attached is the chat transcript from the session.  We wanted to move the discussion, connections and conversations to the Engagement Space where you can start your own discussions, continue to post to this thread and to the video as well. 


We hope you all enjoyed hearing what Forney ISD has done as much as we have.  

Here is a link to the fabulous presentation by Stacy Joseph, Stormy Lemond, & Sherrie Watson


For more resources around our community on Elementary Usage here are some very handy links: 

INSTCON Videos: 


A few other fun and handy resources: 

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