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Stephenie Jordan

Infographic Bonanza

Posted by Stephenie Jordan Aug 14, 2019

For those of you who would like a one-stop-shop for the infographics, I've included the blog posts that house links and interactive pdf's for you to use. Enjoy! 


Triumvirate Tips:

Beginner Tips
Intermediate Tips

Advanced Tips

Essentials Series:

Beginner Essentials

Intermediate Essentials

Advanced Essentials


Start-Up and Clean-Up Series:

What You Need to Know About Blueprinting

Canvas Course Massive Checklist

Canvas Student Set-Up

End-of-Year Canvas Clean-Up

Cool Things Series:

Cool Things You Can Do With Canvas



Thanks to everyone who was able to join us during the Canvas Live event.  Linked here is the recording from the session attached is the chat transcript from the session.  We wanted to move the discussion, connections and conversations to the Engagement Space where you can start your own discussions, continue to post to this thread and to the video as well. 


We hope you all enjoyed hearing what Katy ISD has done as much as we have.  

Here is a link to the fabulous presentation by Stephenie Jordan


For more resources around our community on Gamification here are some very handy links: 



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