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A Magical Method of Behavior Tracking

Blog Post created by Kelley Lozicki Employee on Dec 11, 2019

Tracking Behavior


Keeping track of student behavior can be a challenging task for most teachers.  It needs to be done with fidelity and privacy. It should be recorded as it happens in order to be truly accurate.  It must be done daily, and continue on a consistent basis, regardless of any events which interrupt the regular course of events of the school day.  


As a Principal Adoption Consultant at Instructure, I have experienced several occasions where educators were looking for a way to keep track of behavior within Canvas, especially at the elementary level.  A solution that I devised for them is to create custom Outcomes in Canvas that you can simply swipe to track using the MagicMarker app on an *iPad.  


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Imagine walking around your classroom with just an iPad in your hands, observing as students are interacting in their small groups.  Susie just demonstrated an understanding of a new math standard by using manipulatives? Just swipe up on that standard to give her credit for perservering.  Tommy just got out of his seat and ran to the pencil sharpener, tripping over Melandra on his way. Swipe down for not staying seated. Tory just voluntarily helped another student who didn’t understand how to make equivalent fractions with sets of colored blocks.  Swipe up and smile because you know his mom is going to be thrilled at this show of kindness!


Steps in Canvas

  1. Create a custom outcome group in your Canvas course.
    • Select the outcomes tab in course navigation.
    • Click the +Outcome button.
    • Click the +Group button.
    • Name your new group appropriately, like “Behavior.”
    • Optional: Add details.
    • Save
  2. Create custom behavior outcomes in your Canvas course.  Use this Guide: How do I create an Outcome for a Course?
    • Select the Outcomes tab in the course navigation.
    • Click the +Outcome button.
    • Input a name for this outcome.
    • Optional: Add a friendly name and details.
    • Edit Criterion ratings as necessary by clicking on the pencil icon for each.  
    • Choose a Calculation Method.  Calculation Method information is also found in the Guide: How do I create an Outcome for a Course?

Steps in MagicMarker

  1. Download the ios MagicMarker app from the App Store and install it on an iPad.
  2. Sign in as a teacher on the app.
  3. Choose your course, add students and outcomes.

screen shot from Magic Marker


    • Name your outcomes table “Behavior Outcomes.”
    • Create a table for each small group in your class. 

    4. Assess your students’ behaviors.

screen shot from Magic Marker
    5. Tap on a student to view analytics, or tap on the send icon to email yourself a report of outcome results. 
        You can also view your behavior outcomes within the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

    6. Share results with students and parents.



  • Note: The MagicMarker app does not work on iPhones.




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