Adam Kuntz

Canvas Rollout Editable Printables

Blog Post created by Adam Kuntz Employee on Dec 10, 2019


In my role as a Principal Consultant at Instructure, I work closely with our customers during their transition to Canvas. Using our Canvas Success Model, I help schools connect their vision for teaching and learning to Canvas, and use that vision to create effective plans for communicating, training, and engaging teachers and students. 


As I work with schools on their communication plans, one question is often asked, "Do you have any pre-made communication templates we can use or tweak?" With the help of our very talented marketing team (Shash Cates and Emily Tanner), now I can answer, “YES! We do! You can edit them too!”.


These Canvas communication printables include one-pagers, posters, flyers, student cards, and engaging stickers. Schools have the option of using our pre-made printables or edit the messaging to fit their unique situation and timing. 


To access both the higher education and k12 printables, please view the communication plan phase of the Canvas Success Model. In addition, you can also visit this Google Drive folder link. If you have questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.