Kyle Cole

Canvas Outside the Classroom

Blog Post created by Kyle Cole Employee on Dec 18, 2019

As part of a leadership cohort, we were tasked with creating a new vision statement and value statement. The entire institution gathered in the gymnasium for three sessions in two-hour increments throughout the summer. My leadership cohort used that time to create and vote on the creation of both statements. We quickly identified that this was not enough time to complete the task. I then suggested we create a specific Canvas course for this endeavor, enroll all employees into the course, form groups within the Canvas course, and create two assignments asking the groups to submit their proposed statements. 


We designed the course to also host any materials that were used in the face-to-face sessions. Any employee who could not attend would still have access to every document or recorded activity, allowing them to stay in the loop with their group. The course also allowed us to collect data on participation and acknowledge those groups who were participating on a higher level. The two assignments were created not only for the groups to submit but to help eliminate the use of paper and to keep the submissions organized. 


Using the groups feature in Canvas, I had the groups formed randomly, allowing cross-department collaboration. This collaboration was vital because we very rarely had the opportunity to work with our colleagues in other departments. Thanks to the robustness of the groups feature in Canvas, this also gave each group a place to collaborate and share documents, meet virtually through BigBlueButton, have discussions, and submit their group’s vision and value statements. 


The plan to utilize Canvas worked perfectly because it allowed us to use those three two-hour sessions more efficiently to discuss the purpose of a vision and value statement, vote on the best statements, and have the institution engage with the administration in the process. What are some of the ways you have used Canvas outside of the classroom?


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