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What successes did they have with Canvas at the end of the year?

We have a greater use of Canvas after one year than we did with Bb after over a decade! Their comments reflect that it is just easier to use and just works!


What challenges did they experience with Canvas at the end of the year?

No specific challenges relates to end of year, per se...Really just expressing that is takes some time to get used to a new LMS and how to do things.  The biggest changes were the need to have an assignment for everything you want to grade in the gradebook and choosing the right settings for those assignments so students could see what they had to do and how to submit the work.


How did the feedback change or not change some of your resourcefulness around 'spring cleaning' and year-end-close-out in Canvas?

We have implemented a course template that is automatically copied when a new course is created via our SIS integration.  That was fantastic when we first started using Canvas because it got users to create a course with a consistent design and students had a similar design experience across courses.  BUT, now that we have been using Canvas for a full year, and faculty are copying their courses from one semester to another, the auto template is causing the faculty or the designers to have to delete duplicate content.  So, it is time to simplify the template or move it to Commons so when we need to update something everyone can be alerted that there is a change.


How are you going to party this summer?

Go camping and connect with nature, knowing that if I need to help someone on Canvas I can do so from my cell phone, but being confident that I likely won't need to because it just works!






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