Quizzing for Long-Term Memory with Spaced Repetition

Idea created by Jared Reynolds on May 15, 2018
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    Spaced Repetition Systems are special algorithms that recycle questions/terms until the terms are in the learner's long-term memory.  These spaced repetition systems are more common with flashcard programs and allow audio, images and short videos to be associated with terms and definitions.  The most popular program that uses this system seems to be Anki.  The student is reminded to study based on certain time intervals of forgetfulness.  After attempting to recall the information, the terms that are remembered are recycled less frequently and the terms that are not remembered are recycled more frequently.  See more about spaced repetition systems: Spaced repetition - Wikipedia and Anki.  Let's have students learn for the long haul instead of just the next test!  Let's get spaced repetition integrated in quizzes or some kind of "Study/Flashcard" function in Canvas!