Grade Weights & Student View

Idea created by Lee Crocker on May 15, 2018
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    • Glenn Powers
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    • Lee Crocker

    Grade Weights - Student View


    Currently students cannot easily determine the grade weight of each individual assignment.  In the teacher view, it is easy to see the weight for each assignment, but it is not so easy for students.   


    Recently one of my students was in tears over an assignment that was weighted 10%.  The student was not at all worried about another assignment that was weighted 40%.  He was judging the importance of the assignment by it's title, not by it's actual weight.  Students would be positively served if the weight of each assignment appeared next to it.  Then, they would know which assignments to prioritize.


    To summarize, in the "Grades" section, make it so that students can see the weight of each individual assignment.




    Lee Crocker