Links to Pages in Modules Should Include Next and Previous Buttons

Idea created by Chris Johnson on May 16, 2018
    Open for Voting
    • Ron Carr
    • Kirsten Svela
    • Casey Beard
    • Martina Blanco
    • Chris Johnson
    • Kristin Lundstrum
    • Ana Matak Siviou

    When a student clicks on a page from the Pages view, the page should include the Next and Previous buttons on the bottom. Instead, when accessed in this fashion, the page displays as part of the Pages view and does not allow the student to continue navigating through the module.  Similarly, a link to a part of a module takes me to the Modules view and simply jumps to the designated section of the module rather than displaying the first page of the module.  This makes navigating Canvas very difficult.  Students either must launch a page from within Modules to take advantage of the Next and Previous buttons or we have to create links to every single page in a module from a navigation screen.

    The Modules view is clunky so we are trying to work around it by creating our own graphically based modules page, but I can't take advantage of the modules function without manually creating every single link from our graphic-based modules page.

    The linking function should point to the page within the Modules view, not the Page view or at least provide an option to select which one.